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  Q: What browser should I use?  
  A: The best browser to use is either IE (Internet Explorer) or Firefox. The site does work with Safari but we strongly recommend you use Safari v4.0.  
  Q: How will I get the final photo?  
  A: Once the checkout process is complete you will be provided with a link that will download a .jpg photo directly to your machine. In addition, this link will be mailed to the email address you provided to us during the checkout process. If you have issues receiving the final photo(s) please email customer service at  
  Q: What format should my photos be saved in?  
  A: Photos to be uploaded should be saved in a .jpg (JPEG) format. If your photo is saved in a different format, you can easily convert it using any photo editing software.  
  Q: My photo does not upload properly?  
  A: First disable all pop-up blockers. While photos larger than 3 megabytes can be uploaded to the site it is not recommend – the larger the photo the longer the upload and rendering time will take. Photos size can be reduced in most photo editors. Reducing the size of your picture will only have a minimal impact on the quality of your final photo.  
  Q: What type of photo should I use?  
  A: Plan your shot before you take it. Landscape pictures tend to work best. You will want to envision the Tooth Fairy in your child’s room or any other part of your house and leave an area clear of objects to place the overlay photo into. Be creative, the site has over 60 different Tooth Fairy pictures to choose from so you can really have a lot of fun. Use the “demo” photo on the site to check out all the possibilities.  
  Q: What is the best way to print my photo?  
  A: The final photo is just like any other photo you might take with your digital camera. The size of the final photo is approximately 8” by 5.5”. I like to use an online service to get my photos printed. Since the photos are at 72 DPI (dots per inch) they will print very well.  
  Q: The Tooth Fairy is too big for my picture.  
  A: Use the slide adjustment control in the Fairy Adjustment panel to control the size.  
  Q: How do I move the Tooth Fairy within my picture?  
  A: After you have selected a Tooth Fairy pose you like you can move the fairy anywhere in your picture. Place your curser on the Tooth Fairy then click and hold – now you can position the Tooth Fairy by dragging the picture anywhere within the frame. Move the fairy around as much as you want – she doesn’t mind!  
  Q: you keep my original photo?  
  A: Your original photo is used though the merge and adjustment process and then deleted once you checkout.  
  Q: What if I want to reprint my photo later?  
  A: Once you checkout and download your picture the photo is stored on your computer so you can print it out as often as you like.  
  Q: What if I have other problems?  
  A: For any problem simply email us at  
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