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We started MyToothFairyPictures.com a few years ago as a way to keep the magic of the Tooth Fairy alive with our children. Nothing is better when your child wakes up the next morning after losing a tooth and finds that special surprise from the Tooth Fairy under their pillow.


Too often in today’s high tech world we find that our kids are growing up faster then we wish. So we decided to use that same technology to help parents create something that will let our children be children just a little longer and the Tooth Fairy was our perfect partner.


Over the years families have create hundreds of Tooth Fairy photos. Some Tooth Fairy photos show kids asleep at night and some show the Tooth Fairy delivering a present - the creativity is amazing! Remember, you have over 20 different Tooth Fairy pictures to choose from so have some fun – your kids will love it.


Please tell your friends about MyToothFairyPictures.com or post your Tooth Fairy picture to Facebook or Instagram and help share the magic with others.

My wife and I knew we had to share this great experience with other kids and parents, and that's why we created I Believe Photos.

If you have any questions or issues with your Tooth Fairy photo please contact us at customersupport@ibelievephotos.com.


Tom and Ann

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